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GADnow gives businesses and consumers the opportunity
to communicate directly with each other in REAL TIME!

How It Works

How It Works
  • Looking for a place to eat? How about a movie, live play, concert or sporting event? Need a little pampering? How about a massage, pedicure or manicure? Now, how would you like to get the best deal possible in real time? Simply open your GADnow app, then scroll through the categories to find deals that interest you!
  • As a consumer, GADnow gives you the opportunity to select a business as a favorite, giving that business permission to notify you about their latest and greatest offers and promotions.
  • Now, click on the deal!
  • Redeem the deal at the business with the GADnow code that is supplied to you. It's quick, convenient, and there is no pre-purchase or coupon required. And best of all, you can redeem your deal in real time!

Why Us

Become a User today!

Users of GADnow can receive deals any time of the day! You simply select what interests you from our categories and find the right deal for you in REAL TIME! Once you've made your choice, head over to the business and show them the code from the deal you selected. Best of all, GADnow is completely FREE for users. Sign up today!

Promote your business today!

Businesses that advertise on GADnow can reach their customers directly in REAL TIME! Let your customers take advantage of your very best deals or last minutes promotions any time of the day. GADnow helps you promote your business with results like no other advertising tool! Users have the ability to favorite your business, which allows you, as the business owner, to send them exclusive deals and keep your retention rates high. Sign up your business today and we'll give you a discounted trial membership on GADnow. Contact us today to get your business listed on GADnow!

Marketing on GADnow today!

Instead of using some of the traditional advertising platforms, businesses around the world are turning to social media to try and connect with their customers to promote their businesses.

We believe GADnow is the next step in this process. GADnow is an advertising tool that allows the business and the consumer to find each other and communicate in real time. That's right - real time!
When a consumer is looking for a deal or business, they simply click on the business they are interested in, and in real time, receive an offer or alert about a promotion. Additionally, a consumer can put a business into their favorite category, which allows the business owner to alert that consumer about a deal and/or promotion.

Combined with the subscription component of GADnow, and the ability of the business to track the activity of its customers through GADnow's proprietary analytics, the business owner can truly identify the demographics of its customer.
At the end of the day, we believe GADnow gives the business owner an advertising platform that will allow their business to be more visible, available and most of all, accessible to their customers.

❝I am not sure what to do with my advertising dollars anymore, so I am really excited to try a platform like GADnow that will allow me to talk directly to consumers. ❞


Local Business Owner

❝My co-workers and I at the office always have a hard time figuring out where we should eat for lunch. We are really looking forward to using GADnow to find local deals without having to pre-purchase and print off a coupon.❞



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